Dear Frida, you were such a friendly and dear members of the family. Even if you have shown Heidi how to destroi the wallpaper, you are deeply closed in our heart. It was so painful and it’s so sad, that we had to say goodbye to you so early. Unfortunately, your life was short but we hope you had a pleasant life with us. Thanks that we may got to know you... It miss you Heidi, Zora, Toschi, Lumpi, Carola and Nils
“FRIDA” ( Shiela v. Ant Rijkenspark)                      April 20th 2012 - July 2nd 2013
“COLLE” Ambereyes Magic Colorado 21.05.2015 - 20.08.2016
Dear Colle, Your death was an absolute shock for us. You were ripped out of live completely unexpected. You had the talent for the next “KEKS”… Unfortunately you have been with us just 1 year and 3 months. A strong and healthy dog with a uniqie character. We feel so sorry about your early farewell. We miss you so much, Zora, Heidi, Doro, Amrei, Toschi, Lumpi, Ludwig, Carola and Nils